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Start a 4-H Club

Discover 4-H Clubs

We welcome the opportunity to start additional 4-H clubs in Buncombe County! A club requires at least 5 youth (ages 5-18) from 3 different families and a caring adult volunteer. Clubs can cover a wide range of topics such as science, livestock, horses, service projects, robotics, art, gardening, outdoor adventures, fishing, etc. They can be formed at schools, after school programs, churches, homeschool groups, community centers, with friends and family…the sky is the limit!

Check out the North Carolina 4-H Clubs main page.

Types of 4-H Clubs

  • SPIN 4-H Clubs: Choose a specific topic and lead a club for 6 weeks instead of a full year! SPIN Clubs can focus on anything from gardening, soap making, cake decorating, rocket building, financial management, theater, mountain biking, showing rabbits, bread baking, canning, and so much more!  We have the curriculum and “plans” for the clubs….we just need volunteers to lead them.
  • Traditional 4-H Community Club: These are year-round 4-H clubs. They are what you probably think of when “4-H Club” comes to mind. Traditional 4-H clubs have been around since the start of 4-H. They typically meet once a month and focus on community service, leadership, project work, and more.
  • School 4-H Clubs:  Does your school have a designated club meeting time during the school day? If so, you can start a 4-H school club! School clubs do all of the same types of 4-H activities as our traditional clubs but in a school setting lead by a school teacher, support staff, or school volunteer. School club members become official 4-H members are eligible to participate in an of the 4-H activities we offer through Buncombe County and North Carolina…even NATIONAL 4-H programs!!!
  • Other ideas welcome!!!

Steps to Starting a 4-H Club

  1. Contact the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Buncombe County office to discuss the possibilities and your interest in starting a club.
  2. At least one volunteer must submit a 4-H volunteer application and complete the background screening process.
  3. Participate in orientation and training through the Buncombe Extension office.
  4. Recruit interested families and club members.
  5. Complete the necessary enrollment, and…
  6. Meet, learn, lead, and have fun!!!!

Contact Information

If you are interested in starting a club give us a call at 828-255-5522 or email and we can get started!

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