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What Type of Activities Count Toward the Volunteer Commitment?

There are many opportunities for Extension Master Gardener volunteers to fulfill their volunteer commitment in Buncombe County. All volunteer service directly supports the various Extension Master Gardener℠ volunteer programs in Buncombe County and activities and extends educational outreach into the community.

Community Education

Garden Helpline, Information Table, and Speakers Bureau.

Garden Helpline

Residents are assisted with immediate gardening questions through office visits, emails, or phone calls, and includes plant and pest identifications.

Information Table

Master Gardener℠ volunteers help residents in various community locations or events at “Info Tables” with gardening questions and offer resource info and handouts on topics of interest.

Speakers Bureau

Based on community needs, a series of annual public presentations are provided by Master Gardener volunteers and other expert speakers on a full variety of home gardening topics; presentations are online and in-person. Garden Club and community requests for speakers or programs are also included.

Community Outreach

Youth Outreach, Therapeutic Horticulture, The Learning Garden located at 49 Mt Carmel Rd.

Youth Outreach

WE GROW GARDENERS! and focus on youth especially through school programs including garden support grants, in-school activities, summer camps, and adding a gardening component with 4-H activities.

Therapeutic Horticulture

Hands-on gardening experiences, based on horticultural therapy techniques, are offered to populations who can benefit from this type of therapy, at the request of community groups.

The Learning Garden

This demonstration garden, located at 49 Mt Carmel Rd, provides a variety of garden plantings to use in public education programs relevant to sustainable gardening.


EMGV website, blog and social media, photography and advertising, fundraising – garden tour, plant sale, sponsors


This multifaceted committee involves all types of media that are targeted to the public and Master Gardener volunteers via the organization website, blog, and Facebook for education and links.


The focus is on fundraising activities to support the public education activities of the Extension Master Gardener℠ program of Buncombe County.

Garden Tour

A fundraising event held every other year as a program fundraiser and also offers public education during the event.

Plant Sale

A fundraising event held every year as a program fundraiser and also offers public education during the event.

EMGV Membership & Education

Continuing Education, WNC Gardening Symposium, Technology, Social

Continuing Education

Volunteers are required to maintain their knowledge for recertification. This committee ensures that approved CE programs and ideas are provided and communicated to volunteers throughout the year.

WNC Gardening Symposium

This is a multi-county organized regional Symposium, held each fall, offering high-level continuing education presentations for volunteers and the public across a wide geographic area.


This committee mentors and trains fellow EMGVs in the use of the program’s main communication system, the EMGV Intranet (internal EMGV website), and manages the intranet content for the program.


This committee plans and organizes occasional social events during the year to facilitate EMGV group socializing outside of official volunteer time.