Fall 2020 NC 4-H Ambassador Program

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We are pleased to announce that we will be offering NC 4-H Ambassador classes in November! Check out the details below to see if you might be interested in becoming a 4-H Ambassador

NC 4-H Ambassador Program:
The mission of the North Carolina 4-H Ambassador program is to empower teen    4-H leaders with the knowledge, skills, and aspirations necessary to be effective advocates for NC 4-H Youth Development. We strengthen and expand upon 4-H Ambassadors’ current leadership abilities so that they may serve as positive role models for younger youth; build meaningful partnerships with other teens, adult volunteers, and 4-H professionals; and promote the 4-H mission in North Carolina.

NC 4-H Ambassador Program Guidelines:
To apply to become an NC 4-H Ambassador, a member must be at least 13 years old and have been a 4-H member for 2 years, both as of January 1.

Personal Leadership Portfolios compiled by the Ambassador candidate are completed and submitted twice per year. These portfolios document the  achievements of the 4-Her and must follow specified statewide guidelines.

A 4-H member can achieve only one Ambassador level per portfolio submission. You must complete and have verified one level before advancing to the next. It is recommended that a 4-H member take no longer than 2 calendar years to complete a single Ambassador level. Requirements for each level must include only those activities and courses completed after January 1 of the year the member entered that level.

Portfolios may be submitted for verification twice yearly. The next submission deadline will be January 15, 2021. All Ambassadors successfully completing any Ambassador level(s) will be recognized at the NC 4-H Congress each year.

For More Information About the Ambassador Program Levels and Requirements please visit: North Carolina 4-H Ambassador Program

Registration for the November 4-H Ambassador training is by google form (link below) and will be due by October 30.

Online classes will begin the week of November 2, with the Bronze Level Introduction to the Ambassador Program class on November 2.

To Register for 4-H Ambassador Classes, please complete the google form registration by October 30, 2020. A Zoom link will be shared with you for each class. Please do not share the link with anyone.

Ambassador Fall 2020 Class Registration