2020 NC Mountain State Fair Broiler Show

— Written By Broiler Chicken

The 2020 NC Mountain State Fair is preparing for its Broiler Show and hope you will might be interested in participating this year. At this time, the fair is taking registrations as usual in hopes that we will no longer be under COVID-19 restrictions. The following information must be provided in order to compete as a club:

  1. FFA and 4-H groups are encouraged to participate. Each group member will need to register using their individual name and list the club/school name, address, and organization Tax ID number. A minimum of 5 club members must participate in order to be eligible for club awards.
  2. Clubs not knowing their members name at the July deadline must register their club and pay for the number of members participating. At the August pick-up time, a club information sheet listing the names of the participating members along with the corresponding W-9 form must be submitted. There will be NO substitutions after the registration has been completed. The student name must be on the registration form and the student named must be present to have the birds judged for the competition. Link to the information sheet.
  3. An exhibitor may not have more than one group of birds in the competition (ie. Cannot have a set of birds as an individual and another set of birds as a FFA/4-H member). All individuals (whether a FFA/4-H club member or individual) will participate in the individual competition. FFA/4-H club group awards will be based on individual scores. If an individual is participating as a FFA/4-H club group member, the organization must be listed at the time of registration and the W-9 must reflect the organization’s Tax I.D. number.
  4. If an exhibitor competes under the club for the Broiler Show, have them register with their First Name, Last Name, and FFA or 4-H tax ID. If they register for other areas (i.e. goats, arts & crafts) as an individual, have them use their First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and their Social Security Number.
  5. Additional information for the Youth Market Broiler Show can be found on the Mountain State Fair’s website.

The NC Mountain State Fair will provide the broilers with pick up on August 8, 2020, in the McGough Building. The Youth Broiler Show will be at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2020. Please contact the Mountain State Fair at 828-687-1414 if you have any questions.