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2019 Certified Turfgrass Professional Short Course

2019 CTP Short Course

2019 Certified Turfgrass Professional Short Course

This short course is sponsored by N.C. Cooperative Extension and the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina. Classes will be held at the Mountain Horticulture Crops Research and Extension Center at 455 Research Drive, Mills River NC 28759. Classes are on Fridays from 8:30 -4:30 p.m. each day. To become a Certified Turfgrass Professional you must register with the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina in order to take the exam. You must also have been a licensed pesticide applicator for a minimum of one year to sit for the exam.

North Carolina Pesticide Credits have been approved for this class in the following categories: A : 2.5, B : 2.5, D : 9.5, H : 2.5, L : 9.5, N : 9.5, O : 2.5, and X : 9.5. In addition we have requested approval for all 7 of the credits required for Landscape Contractors;  5 L and 2 B. Please note–you may take the class for the educational content and CEUs  without taking the exam. You must take the entire short course to qualify for any CEUs offered.

Day 1- January 18th 2019-   Section I Turfgrass Characteristics The Benefits of Turf in Our World; The Many Parts of North Carolina’s Turfgrass Industry; Important Turfgrass Characteristics; Vegetative Identification of Turfgrasses; Regions of North Carolina where the major grass species are best adapted; Some of the commonly used cultivars for each turfgrass species.

Section II Establishing Turfgrass, Criteria that should be considered when selecting turfgrasses; Climatic zones of North Carolina; Best time to establish a  particular turfgrass species; How to prepare a site for planting; Different planting methods; How to read a seed label to purchase the best seed; How to calculate seed needs; How to renovate a poor or declining turf; How to select and manage turfgrasses for shaded environments.

Day 2- January 25th, 2019 Section III Soils & Nutrient Management,  Introduction to Soil-Water Dynamics; Soil Volume; Soil Structure; Soil Depth & Horizons; Soil Colloids; Essential Elements; Nutrient Availability; Cation Exchange Capacity; Soil pH – Acidity & Liming; Macronutrients and Micronutrients; Nutrient Management Strategies: Soil Testing, Plant Tissue Testing, Monitoring & Visual Estimates; Nutrient Management Programs: Turf Species, Fertilization Timing, Fertilization Frequency, Fertilization Rates, Fertilizer Formulations; Environmental Concerns & Considerations –

Section IV Cultural Practices Mowing; Irrigation; Vertical Mowing; Power Raking; Aeration; Root Zone Cultivation.

Day 3- February 1st  2019 Section V Pests & Integrated Pest Management, Pest Management Strategies; Weed Identification and Management ; Diseases: Causes, Hosts, Developmental Factors & Forecasting, Symptoms; Management of Insects: Identification, Prediction, Thresholds & Management Section

VI Pesticides Characteristics/Pesticide Characteristics; Pesticide Selection; Pesticide Formulations Applied as Solids; Pesticide Formulations Applied as Liquids; Judicious Pesticide Use; Pesticides in the Turf Environment;  Storing, Handling & Disposing of Pesticides; Protective Clothing; Spill Containment, Accident Response; Equipment Cleanup; Plant Growth Regulators,  Hands-on Lab

Day 4- February 8th 2019  Section VII- Landscape Safety and Pesticide Use- Personal & Operational Safety; The Role of HAZCOM Training; The differences between the chemical and trade name of pesticides; Safe and effective use of pesticides.

Section VIII Calculations & Calibration Area Measurement; Calculations & Dilution Ratios; Sprayer Calibration; Sprayer Maintenance; Spreader Calibration; Spreader Maintenance; Fertilizer Calculations; Fertilizer Analysis & Ratios; Application Techniques & Options -Hands-on Lab,

Section  IX Turfgrass Business & Economics/Review Effective Personnel Management; Estimating Insurance; Accounting; Permitting & Licensing; Marketing; Customer & Public Relations; Review Session; Evaluations

Day 5- February 15th 2019  Held open for make up if we have inclement weather . This date may be used as  an exam date. The exam may take all of 6 hrs, to be held at the Mountain Horticulture Crops Research and Extension Center site to start at 9:00 a.m. and go until time is called! Exam fees to be paid to Turfgrass Council of NC. You must take and pass this exam to become a Certified Turfgrass Professional. As the exam can be taken at anytime after the class within a 6 month period we may need to hold this date open for a makeup event in the case of inclement weather.

REGISTRATION FORM Due by January 10 , 2019 (We need confirmation early in order to get the books shipped to us in time for the class to begin)

Company Name: ________________________________________________________________________

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Email Address:_________________________________________

Registration for this class- $110.00 for the first person and $40.00 each for each additional employee. (only one book per company). Additional books are $50 each. This fee covers the first textbook, refreshments, and all hand out materials! If you have a book, the fee is $40.00. This cost does not include the examination fee! That fee is payable to TCNC This information will be mailed to you at your request if you wish to take the examination and also made available at the first class. You may also get a copy of the document by contacting  Anna Brooks Whichard  at

PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO Buncombe County   and MAIL TO: Cliff Ruth,  Extension Area Agent and Regional Certification Program Coordinator, Buncombe County Extension Center, 49 Mt, Carmel Rd. Suite 102, Asheville NC 28806

Any questions can be referred to Cliff Ruth at