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Boxwood Blight is Still a Major Problem

Boxwood Blight 

Boxwood Blight still remains a major problem in many of our landscape sites across Western North Carolina. This disease seems to show up more predominantly, when the temperature starts to cool off in the late summer and early fall. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t present all along it is time of year when we get the most samples in from clients (both commercial and consumer).
The pathogen fungus that causes box blight as Cylindrocladium buxicola. This is the Latin binomial given to this fungus in the United Kingdom where the disease was first observed. This name has gone through several evolutions so you may see the Latin name in other formats. The disease itself causes severe defoliation and die back on many cultivars of Buxus as well as Pachysandra and Sarcococca.
Sanitation is going to be the key to handling this disease and preventing its spread. Be sure to sterilize tools, equipment, trucks, clothing, as well as hands. Please do not skip this practice.

The Virginia Boxwood Blight Task Force provides leadership in safeguarding and protecting the ornamental horticulture industry, historical gardens, and landscape plantings from boxwood blight.