Which two colors,

when combined, make green?

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yellow and blue

june beetle

Yellow and blue make green when mixing paint.  And I have to believe that laying in wait are millions of green June beetles. The next decent rain event should set off an emergence and buzzing across the landscape and pastures. These beetles are metallic green and four times the size of Japanese beetles.

Despite the buzzing around turf and pasture, green June beetles do little harm to plants and no harm to people. They can be handled without fear. Though there are possible control measures available for turf (later in the season), I have rarely ever seen this justified in residential turf. Grubs are sometimes a problem in pastures and heavy manure-applied fields. Adults are sometimes a problem in fruit trees and vines. Adult populations should start to decline after two weeks and they should be gone after three to four weeks. Patience is the best recommendation. For more information, see the following insect notes on the web:
Ornamental and Turf Insect Information Note Number 67
Forages and Pastures Insect Note Number 02

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