Seed Drill Available for Rent

— Written By Debbie Sparks and last updated by Ariel Dixon

Buncombe County Soil and Water Conservation District’s seed drill is available for rent through the district. Reserve your dates for spring planting! The drill can be picked up on the reserved date at David Snelson’s farm in Leicester.The price for seeding is $10 per acre with a $50 minimum charge and a maximum two day rental. This allows everyone to gets a chance to use the drill within the seeding window.
If you would like to rent the drill just call the District office to schedule a date we can discuss what you are planting, the optimum window to plant it in, and what days are available during that time. We will work with you and do what we can to make sure everyone gets their crop planted at the appropriate time.
To reserve the drill call the District office and talk with Anthony Dowdle at 250-4785.