April 20 – 26 Is Turnoff Your TV Week

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

TV Turnoff Week 

How many times have you thought that there aren't enough hours in the day, or that there's just no time to exercise? Even though we're pressed for time most of us spend hours each day in front of the TV. Why not switch off the TV and find time to reconnect with your family and your life.
Celebrate TV Turnoff week this April 20-26th. Take time this week to plan how you can switch off the television, computer and video games. Instead of spending hours in front of the screen, play a game, go outside, get creative or spend time with others.  It has been shown that just turning the TV off has resulted in children being more physically active, even without planning specific activities to do. 
Too much time in front of the screen has been linked to overweight and obesity. Switch off the TV and free up time to get active and plan healthy meals for you and your family.


Take this time to set up a plan for watching TV or other non-educational screen time.  Families who plan their TV time, end up watching less TV and are more physically active.  For more tips on decreasing TV and planning your screen time go to Tame the Tube.