Battling That Wintertime Loneliness

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension image

Battling that Wintertime Loneliness 

With the cold weather and shorter days, comes times when we can feel lonely.  Wintertime is the time of year when loneliness increases and many of us don’t know what to do when we start feeling alone and blue.  Instead of giving in to those low feelings try some new ideas for staying involved with others this winter.

·   Brighten your life.  If you don’t have problems with windows letting in cold air, open the shades and curtains and get plenty of sunlight.  You can even buy special lamps that help people who are sensitive to the light deprivation during the winter.

·   Take an active part in the world around you by getting involved in your community associations, schools, Churches, teach local children some craft or skill you have or even see if a local daycare needs a volunteer to come in and read to their children.

·   Be sure to get regular exercise.  On the days when it is nice outside take a walk.  When it is bitter, cold or wet, move your exercise inside with dancing, chair exercises or even cleaning house to some of your favorite music.

·   Dress to impress.  Make sure your favorite outfits are ready to wear.  Many times we won’t dress up for ourselves but take the time this winter and even invite a friend over for a fancy tea or meal.  That may motivate you to have fun dressing up.

·   Plan things to do each day.  When we have things to do that we can check off, we tend to keep ourselves too busy to feel those lonely moments.

·   Eat well.  When we forget to eat a balanced diet we miss out on needed nutrients that our bodies use to help improve our moods and have the energy to try new things.

·   Begin a new hobby.  This might be the time to take a new class or try your hand at a new craft.  Better yet, talk a friend into doing it with you and the more the merrier.

·   Brighten the day for someone else.  This keeps you involved with others and benefits both you and them.

·   Don’t be afraid to talk about the low feelings.  More than likely you are not alone in feeling those wintertime blues and when we talk our feelings out we often find ways to deal with them and feel better afterwards.

For more ideas on wintertime activities or ways to battle those wintertime blues, call our office.